Gaithersburg Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop

Learn about the Gaithersburg Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop event held last month to discuss building a bicycle friendly community in Gaithersburg.  It was great to see a group of dedicated folks interested in promoting cycling in Gaithersburg.  Also, interesting to learn about MoCo Epic held each October for those interested in mountain biking, it is an internationally known event.

Changing Perceptions: Black Women Bike DC

If you have not heard or meet Veronica O. Davis, here is a bit on her amazing story on how started Black Women Bike DC.

“She was pedaling past a public housing complex near her Washington, D.C., neighborhood one day when a young black girl shouted to her mother, “Mommy, mommy, it’s a black lady on a bike.”

“At first I was like, ‘Why is she so excited?’ And I realized I’m probably the first cyclist that she saw who looked like her,” said Davis.


“With Black Women Bike: DC, Davis works to change the perception of just who is a cyclist. It’s not just spandex-clad weekend warriors riding 30-speed carbon fiber bikes. It’s moms who want to ride with their kids. It’s women who are training for their first triathlon. And it’s utilitarian commuters like her.”