Kidical Mass Gaithersburg

kidical mass

Kidical Mass Gaithersburg aims to support families in everyday use of bicycling.  Based on successful efforts in other cities, including DC and Arlington locally, the aim is to have monthly rides that are social, casually paced and fun while supporting a local business.  We also will raise awareness of the possibilities for safer bike routes in the community and guide folks to the easiest ways to navigate the community by bike.  While the ride is geared toward families, anyone is welcome to join.

2014 Rides will be held on the second Saturday at 10 am (May, August, September, October, November) or 6:30 pm (June and July) each month.  Locations and routes will be announced a few weeks before each ride.  We look forward to seeing you.

June’s ride will celebrate Father’s Day one day early on June 14th.  The ride will begin at Lakelands Park at 6:30 pm and proceed through Lakelands to Quince Orchard Park and back to Kentlands.  The ride will end at Market Square where we will get dessert.

More information on Kidical Mass nationally can be found at:

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